General Statement

Three Lines Company Chief Executive Officer

Press Release

Three Lines Company is pleased to announce that Mr. Abdullah Al-Laila will be the company’s Chief Executive Officer beginning February 1, 2024.

From 2001 to 2015, Mr. Al-Laila led a group of Saudi Arabia-based companies specializing in international trade and shipping, working with logistics leadership teams in multiple countries while based in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Since 2016, Mr. Al-Laila led the Human Resources and Public Relations groups for a leading American defense and security company with significant operations in Saudi Arabia and throughout the GCC. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in leading the capacity building of Saudi Arabian citizens through practical education and training in the international logistics, defense, and security industries.

As the company’s CEO, Mr. Al-Laila will lead Three Lines Company as we meet and exceed the objectives of Vision 2030, achieving defense and security independence for the Kingdom while making Saudi Arabia a world leader in technology and social development.